List of Artists 

Ernst STOLZ, 'Nudes', 15 in. x 20 in., charcoal on velum
STOLZ, Ernst (1901- ). Listed artist, painter. Born in Augsburg, Germany in 1901. Stolz was raised in Munich and studied at the University of Munich before immigrating to the US in 1927. He lived in Michigan until 1930 when he settled in Berkeley, CA. After studying at the CCAC, he began painting in 1934. During the Depression he worked on various art projects for the WPA and as a draftsman for the Bechtel Corporation from 1950 until retirement in 1971. His work is of the German Impressionist School in oil, watercolor, and acrylic. Exhibitions: SFAA, 1937; GGIE, 1939; St Mary's College, Moraga, 1970s (solo). 1 MaS; Unframed, charcol on velum paper 20 in x 15 in. Stolz is listed in Davenports and Hughes.
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