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Ciel Bergman, 'Illusion I and II', water color on Cotton paper, 12 x 30 in.
'The illusion of full knowing' are two separate water colors, signed and titled in the lower right by the accomplished Californian artist Ciel Bergman. The soft colors and strange patterns in this painting show the surrealistic intuition and spiritual openness to force the viewer dive into the spirit of Bergman and her world. The water color is on heavy Cotton paper and is signed by the artist in the lower right and again at the back. Ciel Bergman's biography and notes on her painting are available here.
Gallery price: USD 2000 (for both works)
Ciel Bergmann, 'Illusion I and II', water color
Size: 12" x 30" (each), 1988;
Signature (back) Title Illusion I (lower right) Title Illusion II (lower right)

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